On Saturday July 1st 2017 will take place the largest World LGTB Pride Parade. It will be commemorated the 40th anniversary of Spain ?s first Pride Parade in 1977, which marked the beginning of the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual rights movement in our country.

Spain has always been a melting pot of different cultures and civilizations, a bridge between Latin America and Europe, the Mediterranean and Europe. Madrid, the capital of Spain is a true example of a multicultural city.  ASDE Scouts de España has been always committed with the defence of the values of equality, respect, tolerance, freedom and equal rights, providing our scouts groups campaigns and activities to promote these values a raise-awareness amongst our young people and adults. For this reason, we believe that the celebration of this event is a unique opportunity to build these bridges and spread these values.

ASDE Scouts de España is in close contact with the World Pride Organizers working on the preparations to close as much as possible the different ways to join them. If you our your scout group will attend to the WP there are two options, by the moment, to join us:

  • Join the World Pride Parade the Saturday July 1st From 18:00h to 24:00h. It is the central event. It takes place in the centre of Madrid, starting at Atocha Station and ending in Plaza de Colón.
  • Join the World Pride Volunteers. Join them and you will meet new friends and have fun great while contributing to the organization’s most massive event in Madrid also sure you’ll enjoy especially the holidays for your closeness with the artists, floats and major events.

For further information contact us at .

There will be more information available close to the date.